About us

GreenvilleMortgagePlace.com was begun to help individuals and families in Greenville SC find resources for all their Mortgage needs.

We have teamed up with the areas most dedicated individual mortgage brokers in Greenville that are willing to to find you the best possible mortgage rate on your next property purchase.  By having multiple lending sources available our brokers offer options and rates that Greenville’s local bank lenders cannot and provide a professional service that meets your needs more effectively.  Additionally we have agents that deal in wholes-sale interest rates and can typically offer a more competitive interest rate than Branch and “big box” lenders.  Independence from any one major bank can offer these advantages:

  • Greenville MortgagesA down home friendly environment – not a part of bureaucratic, lengthy processes that your local bank may have.
  • Greenville Mortgage Place’s independent brokers are not tied to conservative bank lending programs and stand on your side to work with you to get your loan approved.
  • We have brokers that know how to finance a home, understand the specialty loan process and have extensive experience in the current local real estate market. We don’t employ the resent and “green” business school graduate that larger banks might recruit. These new employees may have limited training or in many situations are just customer service reps that end up forwarding your application to their central processing center, where you become part of an automated nightmare.
  • Our Brokers are your advocate and adviser on the best approach to successfully find the funding for your project, land, construction, refinance or home purchase.
  • Dedicated senior loan brokers that take care of all the paperwork and preparation for you and work on your behalf with lenders to keeping things going forward to a successful purchase.
  • Don’t make a “mortgage mistake” by settling for the only program “YourBank” has to offer! Let our experienced mortgage brokers make cost comparisons across a large number of banks and lenders tailored to your specific needs and qualifications for the best rates possible.
  • Gain more loan choices or let us find a source for those special situations and financing needs.
  • Our team is not part of the “big bank establishment”  and will make themselves available online and buy phone.
  • We disclose commission and make comparisons before you sign. Local banks don’t have to disclose commissions and you could risk being overcharged excessive fees.
  • Our independent brokers are incentivized to quickly process your requested loan and speed the process to closing.

GreenvilleMortgagePlace.com  is passionate about letting you know that we are here to educate the local community on the best options and sources for financing the perfect mortgage loan for your Greenville SC real Estate.

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