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Greenville Mortgage Rates

Current Greenville Mortgage Rates:

Greenville Mortgage Place is your source for lending in Greenville SC.  Are You looking for the lowest possible interest rate on your next mortgage or refinance?  Try our QUICK CONTACT and have someone working on a lowest rate comparison quote at no-obligation.

Please note that the following interest rates are based on  available averages for today. The actual interest rate that you may be offered could be higher or lower. Use this Greenville SC interest rate information only as a guide to trends for mortgage rates available in South Carolina.

Mortgage Rates

Last Week
30 Year Fixed 3.81%3.85%
15 Year Fixed 2.98%3.00%
5/1 ARM 3.01%3.04%


Estimates above are an average of availability and they do not reflect an exact interest rate you may be offered on your loan. The actual interest rate you might be offered can vary up or down based on many factors such as: the type of property you are purchasing, the type of mortgage you might qualify for, your current credit score, the amounts financed and the loan to value – among other factors. (more…)